I Definitely have to get one of these!

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Totally In love, I currently use a 27″ wide Samsung monitor at work, and at home I have a double monitor setup (23 Inch Wide and 24 inch wide LEDs) but this might just mean i’ll replace the two screens to one. Imagine the timeline if you’re video editing, imagine multisaking with 4 different panels in one screen. Hmm.. definately in my wish list, gotta find one to review 😀


This is another one ultra-wide 29″ display from dell


The dell Ultrasharp ultra-Wide LED-lit monitor will only set you back $599 (Amazon) which isn’t a price I’m willing to pay just yet 😛 Unfortunately same with the LG monitor. I guess we’ll have to wait a month or two for the prices to become a little more reasonable as does all technology in time.

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