I Am Number Four – So Much product placement its like a long advertisement!

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Today I was so lazy i didn’t feel like i can move, came back from work, ate, watched a movie, slept. But when i woke up the only thing i wanted to do so bad was take screenshots and write this post!

The movie I watched was I am Number Four (IMDB).

The movie was quite cool, I liked the story (although expected ending), the action, the effects they were all cool however!

It’s been a long time since i haven’t seen a movie with so much product placement it makes you feel you’re watching  a long advertisement.  Its clear that the major product placement was for apple, half the time its either an iphone ringing or the aliens are using macs :p (Yes they are alien friendly). The other half was for dodge probably, a bit for ford, and lets not forget Ducati in the end 😛

Click on Read more for all the Photos (Up to 52 More Samples of product placement :P)!

I’ll let the pics do the talking :


Started off with jet skies (Yamaha to be precise)

Aaah The good old ford truck!

If they’re not bananas their apples :p

Oh guess what another macbook! or macbook pro :p next to an Imac.

Oh reading news.. On an Imac!

Cool Shot for a Nikon!

Ohh.. All Teenagers loooove macbooks.. Alien Teenagers too!

The Dodge Charger! Ultimate car for bad guys!

And the Iphone (+ at&t 3G connection!).. Came up so much, this movie shoud’ve been used in Steve Job’s Keynote :p

Here it is again!

They can’t have a photographer who doesn’t use Nikon and Canon, that won’t be fair :p

There’s the iphone again! (Right pocket)

Ohh Guess What, another iphone shot.

Nice Canon

The Charger.. GRRr..

Trucks from Dodge!

Another shot with a charger on the street.. Just a coincidence don’t you think ?

Aahh nope:P i wouldn’t say it was 😛 another Dodge!

Ofcourse we had to have the iPhone come up again.. !

And the macs!

Mac Again – Its clearly a MacBook Pro this time.

We love macs, each actor has to use one simultaneously!

hp Snuck in with this laptop 😛

Ohh The magnificent iphone again!

Fords, cop cars in almost all moives!

Bad Boy chargers again

The Ducati!

Never driven in the movie, yet somehow shows up in an excluded place.. The Challenger!

Ofcourse the closing scene has to end with the guys that paid the most (or nearly the most:P) and their newest car 😛 the Challenger 😛

Or was it ford 😛

They had to bring in Microsoft too in a tagline : ” I play a lot of XBOX”


If you haven’t watched this movie I think now you’ll really watch out for these ads, maybe I missed some add them in the comments 😛



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  1. I think u are forgetting a very clear one.. the microsift bing search engien that always find what you need in one click, like it do in one of the many other movies it advertise in

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