How’s Your internet Connection?

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I had a clear aim, which was to get a Viva Data line after my laptop arrives (for downloading loads and loads :P) . But ever since their 2 GB/day limit i kinda lost interest.  Currently i’m using my 21 mbps connection from zain and I have a Fast Telco internet connection at home. It should be 2 upto 6 mbps but the max I can get due to my poor phone  line quality is 3.5 Mbps, but even that isn’t satisfying, i Keep on feeling that i’m not getting enough speed. I love my zain connection (in specific areas)  the max i got was around 12 Mbps but it was like 8 AM, somewhere.  Currently i’m getting around 5 Mbps downloading EVE. (I just watched the trailer and decided to try it out :P)


Do you have any recommendations  ? I need bandwidth, i need speed and I need it now 😛

Have a nice day 😀


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      Yeah they do, but when you require to download 7Gb’s of data it’ll take me forever to download on my home connection. I use it when i’m out and when there’s something i wanna watach asap 😛 for fast downloading, a 2gb limit would be useless for me in this specific scenario.

  1. I definitely understand where you’re coming from I for one used to sing praises of the VIVA Internet connection as it was the best out there but this 2GB daily download cap sucks really badly I really hope they reconsider at least for it!

    If you have any other recommendations please advise us.

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