How’s Your Experience with Mada and Which Mobile ISP would you suggest ?

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I’ve recently moved places and i’m living without a phone line for the time being. I’ve been trying out Mada, however the maximum speed I get is 2 Mbps and that is just too slow for me however the no-cap and 2 mbps might just be enough to keep me alive until I get a phone line. I’ve also used Zain’s LTE, managed to get speeds of up to 52 Mbps which is just mouth watering, but I managed to finish the cap within the first 14 days (the 35 GB offer) which is a little unhelpful to me. Which mobile ISP would you recommend ?

 The image below shows my signal strength with Mada, however the Maximum download speeds I obtain are 2 Mbps. When I called them up, they said they couldn’t really help and 2 Mbps are good and it might be because of congestion in my area. It would’ve been nice if they asked or suggested that someone can come to check and maybe find a fix to the problem. 



Do you have any other internet subscriptions you would recommend? Heavy downloading and would like to have a high uploading speed so that I can upload my YoutTube Videos.


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  1. If it wasn’t for your downloading needs, i would have said viva. But just like you, i couldn’t find a better offer or service than mada without a phone line. Even though mada are not as fast as they were, they give you unlimited downloading and you also get to take it with you anywhere you want. Viva has an amazing service, but they hold u back with their 2gb limit per day. Zain and wataniya prices are not tempting, and their services aren’t better than viva.

    Good luck my friend.

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      With Zain’s LTE the Speed is amazing at home I get around 52 Mbps on the router, but the CAP is only 35 GB which isn’t at all enough and the more expensive option is the 80 GB cap which still isn’t enough. I’m thinking of trying WIMD, we’ll c how it goes.

  2. I am now using viva with the 2gb limit. I also want to try WIMD because I heard its very fast and always giving you the same speed. Another answer is to move to salwa and get fiber optics

  3. It depand on the area for me mada gives me very high.It depend on the area and where its located at the house . first I got I low signal because I didnt locate it in good direction, when I called the customer support they sugested to change the place and it worked :)I Had viva it lasted less than one week honestly I will never think of going back to viva again I got mada its much better .

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