How’s the BlackBerry Z30 Doing?

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Its been over 2 months now i’ve been using the Z30 as my primary phone, I use my iPad for iOs programs and apps and my Note 3 for my instagram business.


Programs I Use on the Z30 :

Whatsapp (Native)

BBM (Native)

Instagram (Ported)

Dropbox (Native)

Quran (Ported)

Kindle (Ported)

Skype (native)

WordPress (Native)

Viber (Native – Isn’t stable at all and I decided to stop using it completely)

IGrann (Native Instagram App) – Very very useful!

Anghami (Native)

MuslimPro (Native)


Why I’m still using a Blackberry ?

It’s the only phone where I can get all my emails synced  in one location without using different apps and being able to access all the attachments and files, I have at least a dozen emails setup on the phone each for a different purpose. I can guarantee I wont miss a text or email on a Blackberry but I cannot guaratnee that on an andoird and the iphone’s battery would die out on you half way through the day.


What I like best about it ?

Bedside mode : Where you simply swipe down, set your alarm and go to bed.

The hub, you have to use it to believe how useful it would be, especially with tons of emails and whatsapp messages.

BBM although its a lost cause, but If you use it you’ll get better quality for sure than viber and whatsapp, but you have to try it to believe it! It needs a little push to get back on the main stream.

The size of the device is just right, its not too big or too small and the screen resolution is great.


What can be improved ?

As I said earlier, the camera, the bubble that is used when you want to move the cursor between letters is just so hard to use on the BB Z30, I almost always tend to erase and re-write. An updated interface would be nice, as a change, as its been a while on this dark theme, maybe more accessories, its soo difficult to find screen protectors and cases for this phone that I gave up. It does everything you might think that is needed in a phone.

It lacks speed, you can feel the device freeze under load sometimes which isn’t pleasant as you have to restart the device for it to work. However that doesn’t happen a lot. It lacks a fast camera, its ok but its not the best and can certainly be a lot better!


Do I think there will be a chance for BB in the future ?

I wish from the bottom of my heart that they will thrive, its a true business phone that you can rely on, its not another phone that you’ll want to replace at the end of the year and the update rate isn’t every year which degrades the value of the handset pretty rapidly.



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      the z3 is actually a lower end hand set.. Just comparing the specs you have a lower res screen, a lower RAM size less internal storage, 5 MP camera as opposed to 8.. You would be a lot better off with the Z30.. There was going to be a quad core Z50 but I dont know what happened to that project with new management.. I dont know if the Z30 will be able to keep up till the end of the year with the Competitors. Note 4 and iphone 6 are on the way.. I only hope that there will be something with a touch screen better than the Z30 out there.. I heard rumors they were going back to touch pads (bb9900 type).. if that happens ill probably be shifting..

  1. Please can I ask you to do a review feature on the Ubuntu Linux mobile? Assure you, it will be well received.
    Much appreciated

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