How to sleep late and wake up early!

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Sometimes you wake up tired and other times energetic, sometimes you wake up with an alarm and sometimes you wait for the alarm to go off. This is all due to the number of sleep cycles and amounts of Deep sleep you have.

I came across this website my wife uses which tells you approximately how many hours of sleep you should get or when you should sleep to wake up at a certain time, in order not to wake up from a deep sleep phase, and complete at least 5-6 complete sleep cycles.

You can use it in two ways, either know when the best time to wake up is by clicking on the “zzz” button, or by selecting what time you have to wake up for it to suggest the best times for you to go to sleep.

Does it work? Well yeah kinda, it can give you  a sense of when to wake up without feeling so heavy and clumsy. Try it out and tell us if it works with you!

Visit Their website here :

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