H2S Gas Leak in Kuwait!

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Today, there was an H2S gas leak in Roudtain Oil Refinery reaching areas so far as the south of Kuwait. So far officials say the levels are safe and we’re constantly watching the news and listening to official channels. Again like any other incidents in Kuwait, stuff being shared on twitter shouldn’t be re tweeted unless 100% verified.

H2S gas is heavier than air, and has a very pungent smell (rotten eggs). High levels of this gas are very dangerous however officials are only stating that levels are very minimal and did not reach dangerous levels. Also the gas was contained and no injuries were reported from the KOC.

I’ll try to keep you posted with the news and updates regarding the H2S gas leak in Kuwait.

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  1. I cant breathe! Something is happening in my throat!
    I am living in SALMIYA in Isa-al-qatami street! The smell started at 8:30 though it was less but now it’s horrible! Cant breathe!!!

      1. Loool, when i saw jazzy’s post. i burst out laughing and write something to make her feel what cant breath feels like..

        But “Metabolism” said it all for me.
        Thank you.

    1. Close all the windows. Switch on the A/C. switch on ventillation fans in the kitchen and bathrooms.
      Dont go outside. You will be fine within and hour

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