Google Reader lovers, its not the end of the world!

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I know most of you know that Google Reader is gone and still open up the browser typing in and hitting enter only to be getting an unfamiliar screen.

google reader Gone

Well to get back the feeds you can’t live without follow the following instructions:

1. Download the back up of your XML files which you can get from Google TakeOut

Google Takout2. Click on Choose Services, and Select Google Reader, then Click on Create Archive and Download the file to your computer.

Inside the Archive you’ll find the following files:



3. Setup an Account at

4. Import Your Subscriptions.XML file (You can find it inside the google Zip file you downloaded – Unzip and Import here).

5. Wait till the import is over, might be a day or to due to the huge amount of people migrating to Theoldreader.

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  1. I suggest feedly.. They simultaneously migrate your feeds and most of tbe readers on smartphones support feedly

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  2. Been using Feedly for a while now and it’s starting to grow on me, but once Reeder updates itself to accept Feedly accounts I will be fine again.

    I still miss Google Reader.

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