Giving the Latest Blackberry Z30 a Shot!

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I have the full conviction that nothing beats Blackberry Handsets when it comes to the area of a Business Phone. Email, Email, Email, both my iPhone and Samsung put me in a tight situation when emails were delayed or sometimes never arrived until I refreshed, attachments were a disaster to view and sometimes never open up. 

Unfortunately the Z10 wasn’t a great success in the ME region, due to the fact that it lacked the support of major app players in the market such as native whatsapp and Instagram, and that just pushed people away from it big time!

Email support was great, the keyboard was great, we covered the launch event last year in Dubai (click here for post), If only Blackberry waited full app support from Instagram, whatsapp it would’ve been a great success. 

The Z30, another story, a great device with such great potential but killed due to the Changes and the political situation with Blackberry. The processor was just right, the screen size a great 5.5″ Super Amoled display, 2GB of RAM, 16 GB internal storage space and support of up to a 64 GB MicroSD card, the camera 8 MP, and the carbon fiber back cover gives you that unique luxurious feel to the handset. The main advantage to it now is that Android APK’s can now be installed on the BB, therefore getting all those apps that you are used to using on all your Android handsets. 

BlackBerry Z30

BlackBerry Z30

BlackBerry Z30



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      I know its been a while… I’ll post a full update by Monday as well as the apps i’m using on the Blackberry Z30, but so far, i’m using the Blackberry Z30 all week at work and my Note 3 only in the weekend when I go to the beach! Best Email support is on the BB, only disadvantages are some apps aren’t native on the BB (but all i need is there), and Camera needs some work – really not cut out for event photography or instagram!

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