FJ Cruiser Fixes and Mods

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One of the things I love to do most is work on my car, its been a while since i’ve written about my modifications if ever, I tend to play around the electrical systems a lot, and now i’ve been trying to do manually install everything myself without relying on garages unless Its way too complicated for me, I have a tendency to read the installation manuals any way, so I decided to get all my tools in place and start doing the work myself. It sometimes takes a lot longer, but you get to learn a lot!

I’ll also try to reference some good shops and garages you can take your cars to, so if you’re interested please share any questions you might have and i’ll try to provide you with as much help as possible.

A list of things that I will start writing about :

1. ScanGuage II and how it was installed in the top storage Area

2. Roof top lighting wiring

3. How to wire your lighting system

4. Gobi Roof Rack install and water issues

5. Windshield replacement

6. Tires, Wheel Alignment and Balancing

7. Different Car washes and their rates

8. Replacing the rear corner bumper of the FJ cruiser.

9. Installing towing wiring and which kit to use.

10. All about bigger tires and the body chop mod.

11. Lift kits and how high should you go for.

12. Servicing your vehicle.

13. Installing an aftermarket stereo, advantages and disadvantages.

14. Installing Rear Seat Screens (for the kids).

15. All about roof racks for the FJ cruiser

16. The TRD Supercharger and programming the ECU.

17. Installing an additional Horn on the FJ cruiser.

18. Servicing the TRD Supercharger (on my friends 2007 Manual Trans FJ)

19. Installing extra switches, where to get them from and where to place them

20. The Dual Battery setup, is it worth it ? and how much it costs.

21. LED lighting, its benefits, drawbacks and prices

22. ORP – A visit and a walk through our local 4×4 store (offroad performance).

23. Replacing oil and how much you should put in.

24. The storage drawers on my FJ cruiser.



I’ll try to add to this list and link to the posts that I have written. It will be a bumpy ride, but I hope you’ll enjoy the content, if you like DIY projects, this website will be the place to be in. I’ll start to document my DIY projects and share them with you for knowledge sharing and so that I can learn new things as I go a long.




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