FitBit Ultra – Dead :/

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Good news, I found my FitBit ultra, Bad news is, it doesn’t work. I found in my children’s play area, so i’m not sure if the damage came from the FitBit itself or my children :/ Somehow nothing seems to appear on the screen. I’ve tried looking at their FAQ’s and options to fix this, but nothing worked.

Anyhow, only a couple of days for the new fitBit One to arrive. I’ll make sure I keep you updated once I have it!


I did however stumble upon a new/old (not sure) fitness tracker called MyBasis

Apparently it records heart rate, amount of sweat and temperature, as well as steps and callories.. Etc. However it did come with a hefty price tag of $ 199, which I didn’t want to risk on something not really out there. For more information on this make sure to check out mybasis website here .


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  1. MyBasis is a new watch that was recently announcced and should be ready to be delivered January 2013. It’s interesting but I guess needs more reviews to judge.

    Mother has the Fitbit One and I have the Fitbit Zip, I personally prefer the Zip to the One simply because I can’t be bothered to recharge it at night and if I do I just forget about it sometimes.

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      I like the extra features on the One, you’re right about the battery, but it’s not bad, you can have the dock anywhere near your workstation at work or at home and it charges quite quickly, you don’t need a full charge all the time, the ultra was good, I never had a problem with the power running out, but then it died eventually hehe.

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