EVE online via Steam 6 GB updates to get it to work!

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After I got my AlienWare I decided to give a shot at gaming, by buying and downloading a game through STEAM.  The game i downloaded was EVE Online. However to my shock. Everytime I started the game, the first landing image of the game would start and then nothing happened, and the game would quit!


How to Fix EVE landing page stall and quit :

1. Identify what version of the game you have installed.

2. Visit EVE Online’s Patches page

3. Select and download the correct patch according to the version you have. I had to learn this the longer way. I downloaded the latest patch only to find out that it said you have version blah blah blah.  So I then decided to download the patch corresponding to the version I had, which apparently was 1.7 GB in Size. (Guess if your on Qnet you have to download it in a couple of days :P)

4. That patch will trigger another update that said I was missing files (upto 4.9 GB of downloads). After that It was the Eureka Moment ! It worked At last !

5. Enjoy the Game!


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  1. I haven’t played EVE in a long time! But it was such an amazing game! Especially now it seems to have developed a lot!

    Goodluck downloading the update now with Data caps in place!

    1. Post

      I’m using Zain’s 21.. At least i managed to download all the updates in one day 😀 Maybe one of the only moments i felt I was getting what I paid for, especially with all the capping and monopolization of ISPs, they will end up loosing all their customers to Mobile Tell-com Providers, later on the Tel-comm providers will benefit. Its a lost battle for DSL something that I didn’t expect. Especially with high prices the ministry is charging ISPs its just killing everything. Maybe one of the reasons for all these increases in prices is the ministry of communications sets ISP’s and Tel-comm providers. I just wish someday this will change and we’ll be able to advance instead of moving backwards. Man look at our neighboring countries. Kuwait help set up infrastructure for telecoms in some of the countries and they’re light years ahead. Everything starts great on paper and then is lost somewhere in the implementation.

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