Dusty Outside? Stay home and Learn something!

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Everyone noticed by now the amount of dust thats just increasing hour by hour. Visibility is low, its not worth going out ang getting covered up with sand. What I recommend you do  is not waste that time infornt of a telly and  learn something new!

I’ve decided to update and increase my knowledge on Photoshop CS6, so I wont need to refer to thousands of tutorials before trying to edit or remove a picture’s background 😛

So I looked around and decided to subscribe to Lynda.com

About lynda.com
The lynda.com Story | by Lynda Weinman and Bruce Heavin

View this entire The lynda.com Story course and more in the lynda.com Online Training Library®.
They have a huge list of online courses from text editing to 3D Videography, will cost you around 10 KD/month, which is cheap to the amount of courses you can learn from!
I’ll be trying to learn more on Photoshop Cs6 and i’ll keep you updated on what I think about this type of learning methadology and if it was a successful learning method for me. 
Please do share your experiences if you tried lynda.com already!

To view a list of the courses you have simply take your browser to www.lynda.com  Enjoy 😉

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  1. ummmmmm….

    actually i was thinkning about doing something usefuL too..

    i guess i’ll do some reading for work 😉

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