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and I thought i wont play this game again. I used to be addicted to Driver 1 and 2, at last DRIVER San Fransisco’s Demo is out! Its around 1386 MB for the Multiplayer Demo I’m currently downloading, i’ll try to post some videos of actual playing later on! I haven;t been on my PS3 for quite some time, got it out a few days ago before the vacation, got a ‘playstation+’ subscription and i’m love’n it!
Sources : IGN More info: UbiSoft
Update : Here are links to buy the game for Xbox and PS3 on Amazon :

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  1. WOOW !! awal yom il 3eed wld 5alee il 9gheer galy ams knt bl re7ab o shft driver … shwaya ma 9dgta !! oo 7dyyyy idmaan driver :'( atmanna its now in q8 ! lazm aro7 ashtereha :p

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    Lol… keep me posted 😛 Ana bashtereha itha mowjooda tooo! I downloaded the demo, you can download it to try it out both single player demo and multiplayer demo. Check it out in the PSN store!

  3. I’ve downloaded the demo (it’s a single player demo by the way, not multiplayer) and it’s amazing as ever, very nice driving and mission and the graphics and physics are amazing.. I know ur gonna like it..

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  4. Im more of an xbox girl myself, I dont know why you guys use playstation but as for the game I loved the original but Im looking forward to Call of Duty and Battlefield 3 which are coming out soon.

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      My xbox is stored in a cabinet at work for Xbox tekken tournaments after work 😛 I actually just bought an xbox to try out halo reach.. But i favour the ps3, its more of a full entertainment system in my point of view.. I dunno.. U have to use it for a long time to really like it.. Driver is on the xbox too..

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