Coming Soon New 4GLte Hotspot from Zain

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Just got my hands on the New 4GLTe Hotspot from Zain which is to be released pretty soon!

Cool Futuristic design, and easy on and off operation. To Switch it on simply push the top part of the device back and it’s on!




The right side of the device contains a MicroUSB adapter and a slot for an antenna. 




The left side of the device contains a WPS key and another port for an LTE antenna. 



Here’s the device size, compared to the older Zain LTE hotspot (I have the first generation unbranded version), the New Hotspot from Zain and the iPhone 5!



Here: Top : The new 4GLte Device!

Middle : The Current Zain Hotspot (Huawei)

Bottom : The Iphone 5



Here’s the device from inside :

Slot for the SIM card and slot for the MicroSD memory card.



Quite A large battery inside, the nice thing is that it’s interchangable, i.e. you can buy a spare battery later on and have that on standby. 



This is a snapshot of the screen (8 Gb’s in 40 mins) – pretty impressive. 


New Zain Lte Hotspot


I tested the device in a high coverage location and got quite impressive results : 

Note: I connected my laptop to the Hotspot Via USB cable, the internet rate was incredible!!!


I got an average consistent speed of 93 Mbps (using direct downloads and Usenet servers)


On WiFi however like all other mobile hotspots you don’t get the full speed and found it to give a maximum of 40 Mbps – better than the previous model I had (max of 25 Mbps)(most hotspot vendors put the limitation to save battery life of the hotspot and reduce the heat generated). 

Overall I highly recommend this device, will be testing it with my PS3 tomorrow and i’ll give you more feedback ! 


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