ChromeBook : Google’s New Laptops are ready to be ordered!

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As google say :

“Skip the waiting. Forget the set-up. Leave the manuals behind. Go straight online to creating, sharing and enjoying. Because everything is faster and easier on a Chromebook.”



Its Features include :

8 Seconds boot time and instant resume

Omnibar = Adress and search Bar

Clicking on “New tab” Taskes you to apps, bookmarks and most visited sites.

No anti-virus is needed, since its based on the principle of “defense in depth”

Multiple layers of protection include: Sandboxing, data encryption and verified boot.

All data is stored on the cloud.

Guest mode available.

Built in WiFi and 3G support.

Google Cloud Printing : Allows you to print on any cloud-connected printer

Web apps: All your web apps can be downloaded from the chrome web store



You can now order your ChromeBook (samsung or acer) from Amazon, BestBuy, TigerDirect and newegg. I’ll be looking around for the OS so that I can try it on my Acer Mini Laptop.



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