The 2015 Tahoe – Leaves you speechless

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Before getting into the details of the 2015 Tahoe, I have to admit I was really impressed at what I have tried and it really changed how I looked at Chevrolet Tahoe’s! I had the perception of a large car, textile beige seats, dull plastic interior and boring handling.  The 2015 model was a full upgrade, everything was changed, the exterior, the interior and the overall quality all for the better.

Looking at it from the outside you will admire the lines, the bold front end and a feel of presence.

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You can straight away see the shining chrome from the front grille, and chrome accents from the handles, window frames and those large 20″ Rims.

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From the rear of the car you will also notice the straight lines and sharp curves and the boldness I talked about earlier, setting a higher reference point for the other manufacturers for the future.

The Interior

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The interior of the Tahoe is another story all together. If you remove all the badges and branding, and compare it to a European car’s interior, you’ll never beleive its an all american Chevy! Its amazing the advancement in the interior look and feel and quality. The seats are very comfortable and have both cooling and heating, the general feeling you get when you’re in the car is a feeling of luxury and space. The only thing I didn’t like about the new Chevy’s was the exit mode, which took the seats all the way back so that you can exit and enter the car easily, however when you enter the car you have to fix the seat up again, which is a hassle if you didn’t save your settings to memory (But there is a disable option – which for me was a must). The quality of the leather trim on the door and the wooden inserts again all gave a sense of luxury to the truck (NB: This is the LTZ optioned Tahoe, which has a little more options that the standard LT).

The Extras

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In this LTZ model the car was pretty well equipped, a rear view camera, colored LCD screen with Mylink system, roof rails, front and rear sensors and electric side steps (which are pretty cool as it makes the car looks slicker and a little higher), I loved the rear power outlet which you can use to charge your laptop or any other appliance up to 400 W. The bose sound system, well you have to listen to it.

The Space

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The seats fit up to 7 adults (with the two in the back not as comfortable as the others, but still one of the largest 3rd row seats in consumer SUVs), however if the 3rd row seats are up the cargo space becomes just big enough to fit a couple of items as shown on the picture above, however, put the seats down and you have ample space or even more! All the seats had power recline, which made it easier to load things to your car, without having to go around and fold the seats manually.

The Overall Experience

I took the Tahoe over quite a long distance, all the way to Julia’ah to the shalaih and also drove around in the desert around the Kuwait Rally courses while I was photographing the rally event – didn’t take it quite off-road as it didn’t have 4×4, the AC is freezing cold with quite a nice volume of air being circulated by the system. The handling over long distances is comfortable, the acceleration from a standstill is swift and makes you feel like your driving a small car. The fuel efficiency was quite impressive (compared to my FJ cruiser). On our way back I had to connect my laptop to the power adapter and had some stuff I had to do for work, pulled over and my wife drove all the way back home, it was simple enough for her to handle even when it was her first time driving it, the steering wheel is light, braking is very controlled and acceleration is impressive.

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To be honest, this was one of the first cars that I felt suits my lifestyle in terms of size and performance, the only downside in my opinion is that it isn’t quite suitable for offroading (which is a seasonal thing ) but for a day to day car its more than suitable, the size of the rear seating guarantees you can carry your kids and their stuff around everywhere, it also looks great and is tailored to the younger generation quite a bit, I can see myself driving the wife and kids off to Bahrain for the weekend and back, you can always go and ask them for a test drive!

The Chevrolet Tahoe is available from Alghanim Auto (with a starting price of 12,895 KWD – with standard options that include: Rear View Camera, Color Screen, Roof Rails, Side Steps, front and Rear Sensors.

For more information about the Tahoe you can call them at: 2475 4400 or visit them on instagram :@AlghanimAuto

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