Ceracoat Ceramic – Nano Technology Protection

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We’ve been hearing a lot about these products, I personally was a little hesitant to buy, since you’d never know how it will go and will it be a worthwhile investment or another As seen on TV scam. Well i’ve decided to put it to the test and I was shocked and totally in love with the results!!

The first product I review from Ceracoat Ceramic is the shoe care product, it was amazing!


1. Test shoes (they should be able to absorb water for Nano Technology to work)

2. Cover shoes with a Coat of Ceracoat Ceramic

4. Do all your other shoes 😀 😀 and tell the world about it.. i was hesitant to try ketchup as the threads in my shoes provide little holes for water to go through, next time i’ll give them a try! FYI, this product is fully manufactured in Switzerland. 

Its sold on a number of websites including :

MrBabu, Blink.com.kw, and Ubuy.com.kw for 15.45 KWD


I’ll be reviewing a product from ceracoat every week 😀 Enjoy..

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