Breath Right – literally !

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I’ve been having an issue for a while, which is that I tend to breathe through my mouth especially when sleeping at night causing, me to wake up with the driest throat ever. The other day I was at a co-op and saw these breathe right nasal strips that allow easier breathing through the nose.

I usually never buy these things but I thought i’d give it a try! 2 words – its great – it totally works and you can feel the results immediately, you’ll feel a lot better (as if u installed new filters lol) , I couldn’t believe it. They come in a couple of different sizes for a perfect fit. It also helps prevent snoring – have to check with my wife about that one hehehe..

This is what it looks like:

I got it for about 1.4 KD, which is worth it.. every night’s sleep is gonna cost me 140 fils now 😛 hehe but its worth it! Just a note, these are from the original company and are made in the states!

You can get more info from their website


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