Bose’s Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones – The QC20

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Dude Goes Shopping

What better gadget to get while travelling than a Noise-Cancelling headset! On the way to the UK we sat in front a couple of people that were very noisy, good thing they fell asleep half way through, therefore the best option was to ensure that nothing like that happens on the way back and I went and looked for  a noise cancelling headset.


There are two main types of  noise cancelling headsets, either the big Over-Ear headset which virtually blocks the sound from entering your ear by creating a barrier between you and the world, or the in-ear headsets that enter into the edge of your ear canal and also block all the noise that goes around you. Bose however, have created a nice gadget the QC20 range, which doesn’t isolate you from the world 100% they created the Quiet Comfort series that creates opposite sound waves of the ambient noise and that is what cancels out the noises, which you can enable and disable as you wish, also meant your ears can breath a little and are not entirely blocked by the surrounding.

Bose QC20

Have a look at this video which explains how the Quiet Comfort 20 Series Work  :

While i was writing this post I needed to focus, as I easily loose focus when the kids are around, so I popped them in and switched them on, they didn’t cancel out the noise 100 % but it was a lot better, in the airplane it really really made a difference and helped me get some sleep as it cancelled out the unwanted noise, last time I went to sleep on an airplane with the large headset on, i woke up with sore ears as the weight of the headsets were on my ears (difficult to explain).

Tomorrow I’ll be trying them at work (its really where I need some focus as side conversations can carry me away from work quickly) the past couple of weeks 8 hour work days are not just not enough.

If you are interested in the QC20 Series as with most Bose headsets, there are 2 Types (Android Friendly and iOs friendly versions do keep that in mind!).

Advantages in my point of view:

  • Small and comfortable

  • Works well and cancels out noise without having to listen to anything

Disadvantages :

  • Price is a little steep

  • Has to be recharged but they say charge lasts 16 hours of use – will still work but no noise cancellation

  • A little bulky to carry around if you tend to carry your phone in your hands (would be nice if attachable to phone).

  • Isn’t very very sturdy, so you have to keep it in its pouch which is a little bulky for a pocket.


For more information here are the links to Amazon and Bose.

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