Best Iphone Apps for the Gym?

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At last, started hitting the gym again after a couple of months of couch-potato-ing 😛 hehe.. Everytime i wanted to go to the Gym i thought that it was far, I had to drive to it, didn’t want to do the workout.. But i ended up either in front of a TV set or my computer. This just wasn’t right!  I have an active Gym subscription, but my only problem is not going. I have decided since Sunday, i have to diet + go to a gym. I’ve reached that you’re going to blow up if you continue mentality and had to set things straight.


I used to use an app called iFitness on the iPhone and i enjoyed it. But for some reason they got out of developing for iOS and have an android version which in the comments says its not at all anything like the old Iphone app. I just erased all my phone recently and couldn’t download it anymore.


What apps for the gym do you recommend ?


My main criteria for an app is :

  • one that can calculate your BMI and other measurements,
  • one that can have a list of your trainig scheduel (and suggest one based on muscle groups)
  • one that can give you a trend or pattern overview of your training
  • one in which you can create your own training schedules.
  • If you can access your ipod controls through it, it’ll be a plus so that you wont have to leave the app if you want to change the song.


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