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Using a mobile handset is nothing like it was couple of years ago. Just imagine what it would’ve been like with all this advancement in technology when you were still studying! i envy the current generation in their choices of technology, the wealth of information in their fingertips, just amazing. I remember the first year I went to college (2003) I used to carry around this heavy Toshiba Pentium 4 laptop around with my Nokia 6510 (aka Tiger) Edge connection was just out, and I chose to upgrade my laptop’s RAM and sacrificed my Laptop’s Wifi card since there weren’t many hotspots all around like there are now. 


Back then it was Top of the line cost around 1400 KD, I only wish they made laptop as good as they used to (the screen resolution was around 1600×1200) and that was before HD videos, the mouse pad was an LCD screen, it came with Harmon Kardon speakers that really made some serious noise, you can play CD’s without switching on the laptop and connect your headphones and enjoy. 

Aah speaking of  the Nokia 6510, was an end of school year present from my Dad, used to have a Nokia 3210 (aka Bashar) before that and a couple of other I can’t seem to remember. Do you remember what these phones looked like? 

6510Nokia 3210



Even before that I had weirder phones. One of the phones I used to like was the Ericsson GH688, also had a nokia 2110


It was a hit back then, especially with those LED antennas that would light up when there’s signal interference or an incoming or outgoing call. Some of the phones that were a hit when I had the GH688 were the AlCatel Handsets (the one powered by a battery, and one that came with a speaker phone).

Moving on from old mobiles to FREE web hosts:

If you were a nerd YOU WOULD HAVE a Website on Geocities or Angelfire.com and would have a back background, fluorescent text and an Midi playing in background LoL – (Good thing they took it down lol___) .

Remember ICQ ? OhOh – mIRC and all those scripts you can buy in Hawally and never figure out how to use them and infect your PC with viruses in the process. 

Remember buying 1000 SMS for 10 KD prepaid EezEe, remember creating ringtones by entering combinations of numbers in the ringtone maker and LogoManager for creating your own phone logos :p 

Remember buying the 101 CD from hawally and telling everyone in the world you can find out their phone number 😛



Enough memories for one night. How about you share some of your memories between the 99-2003 era 😛 I’ll probably do a year by year memory lane sorta post.. any recommendations ? Im sure I’ve missed loaaads of things.. remind us in the comments!

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  1. Ok! then you should see how it was back in 99! loool! Plus I had desktop initially and then the year after I got the Pentium Laptop! Also a Toshiba! I was so happy and it was so crappy! Plus I had the Motorolla StarTac from back in the day! hahaha!

    Then Switch to Ericsson they had some tough as nails hardware, those phones could take a beating!

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