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I have taken some time off blogging due to a lot of time consuming stuff that just pops up and a couple of projects that I’ve been working on the Fj cruiser which I’ll write up in due time. One of my other main reasons I got busy was that I was working on my new updated theme, unfortunately the developers had forgotten an integral part (the ability to view older posts by page number). I tried as much as I can to fix it however I still haven’t been able to find a solution. I’ve changed the official launch date to the beginning of October, lets just hope the developers get around the problem as soon as possible.

What’s coming up ? We until its a little cooler I’ll be focusing on technology and with all the new devices coming out I’ll be busy keeping you up to date with the latest device information so stay Tune!

I’ll also be posting about my Vinyl Decals home business: @DecalZ and the latest updates and decalz that are being designed.

I’m always on instagram so if you miss any of my posts check out my instagram account : @its965

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