Back from Gulf Run!

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We had a great time at Gulf Run, atmosphere was great and cars were even better! Usually dudette always goes to gulfrun and I would regret missing all the fun, this time I decided to be there from day one!

So many great photos i have over 2000 photographs that I have to go through and filter out, but believe me there will be some great shots in there!

I’ve also tried to get a photo of all the participants and their cars as a nice memory for them, so if you’re a driver who participated in GulfRun, make sure to check out our instagram account for the photos to come! I’ve done a lot of video shooting which I will share with our friend Faisal AlRajhi for him to edit, i’m sure he will do one hell of a job!

In case you haven’t seen them on instagram here are a couple of the posts we had, and do stay tune for the photos that will come – i’m just waiting to set up my second laptop so i’ll have everything on there!

Have a nice day!

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