At Last Official Jelly Bean For Samsung Galaxy S3 Middle East Version

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If you have been trying to update the Samsung Galaxy S3 over the air for the past couple of days by trying the About up -> Check for updates and getting eiter no updates are available or getting you will be updated in the oder requested. 

To get the update now, simply download Samsunfg Kies, connect your phone and it will automatically tell you that there is an update for your device. 


Simply click on update and wait for the update to download, it will take a while and if you disconnect your device you’ll have to download the whole thing again!


 Download Kies here: 

In Arabic :

 أخيرا الإصدار الأخير للسامسونج جالكسي أس ٣ إذا لم تستطيع التحديث بالذهاب إلى الإعدادات كل ما عليك فعله هو تنزيل برنامج سامسونج كيز وستظهر لك شاشه تطلب منك تحديث الهاتف أنظر إلى الصورة في الاعلى 

تذكر دائما عمل نسخة احتياطية من المعلومات المسجلة على الهاتف قبل التحديث 

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      Yeah thats for sure, but some users will loose the Arabic Interface (if they are using it) + it won’t support arabic in Google Now, nor voice typing. Therefore the Arabic Official rom for most people is a lot better if they use the arabic interface.

    2. After update, the boot animation has gone. No success even after factory reset and several restarts. Does any one have any idea?

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        Hello, Tamer I would recommend using Odin and updating manually. I would suggest you look at download the RoM and upgrade using the instructions provided in if it’s still unclear to you just tell me and ill write the instructions in english

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