At Last Android Jelly Bean on the Xoom

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After endlessely waiting for the ICS build to update the Xoom, I’ve been browsing around last night and found that there were builds actually made and ready to install on the Xoom and actually work with 3G and really make a difference in usability of the device it makes you feel you’re using a new device altogether. So I decided to give it a try as I had nothing to loose and really bored from the HoneyComb build. FYI the WiFi xoom already had jelly bean rolled out to it!

The installation phase :

Starting up after the installation

3G worked without having to install anything extra!

Setting up my account on the new Xoom (felt new anyway:P)

The New  fonts and icons, from Jelly Bean – Look a lot better than the honeycomb build!

After signing in all my settings and options were back only had to re-install all the aps (since i wanted a fresh install I didn’t want to back things up)

As you can see here its android 4.1.1


Came with Arabic built in here’s a snapshot of the fonts in the browser too:

Typing was now also faster than before :


I will give it a try for a couple of more days and give you feedback on the stability and usability. As you know this is an unofficial release from the EOS group.

For more information on how to install this check out the following links:

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  1. Interesting.. Looks cool but I could never find a love for Android tablets there is something just wrong about them in my opinion!

    1. Post

      they offer a lot more flexibility than the ipad, but the thing is the ipad Just works, with android, you do get that hang every now and then. I think give them 2 years and the iPad will be old and obsolete. With the amount of R’N’D being put into android tablets from different manufacturers, there will come a time when they will beat the iPad. Its just a matter of time I think.

      1. I both luv the IOS & the Android since i have gadgets from apple & samsung.
        Well the thing is, both companies are making efforts to give us the best products for us to utilize & enjoy.
        I’m also excited for the Jelly Bean to be instituted in my android smartphone. 🙂

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