Are you Upgrading to the new iPhone 5c or 5s?

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A couple of days ago, Zain launched the new iPhones with quite challenging prices and packages! I’m sure you’ve seen the specs 1000 times, lets talk about pricing!

All of you know the colorful iPhone 5c, here are the prices and packages :




iPhone 5c Prices on’s website – With Tax for NY


175 KD is Quite a good price and very close to the price you get on apple (+tax!)  + you get a carrier’s warranty which is priceless if anything happens to the phone. The new 17KD package is also a great value for money! If you remember the iPhone 5 prices started at a minimum of 30 KD a couple of months back, this provides you with basically the same hardware at a very challenging price!



With the iPhone 5s, here are the prices : 


Again, for the iPhone 5s, the prices are quite challenging and tempting ! With the 36 KD/month offer you get everything! + if you notice, Zain increased the bandwidth allowance to 30 GBs ! Quite impressive and better prices and value for money compared to the the time the iPhone 5 came out! Even if you decided you wanted to opt out of the commitment you end up paying only the remaining amount on the device, its like an interest free loan, i.e. you end up paying 275 – (275/24*number of months since buying), you basically pay around 11.5 KD of the device’s cost each month. i.e. if you settle after a year, and decide to stop the commitment you only have to pay 137.5 KD for the 64 GB, which is quite a good deal, for the mobile operator with one of the highest coverage for the LTE network in Kuwait and one of the best customer service centers!


For more information on the packages, visit : or call 107

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