Annihilate from Anywhere !

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The New Alienware M14X is out and its armed with so much I had to order one 😀

For some time now i’ve been preparing my desktop for gaming, kinda something similar to what 7aji is using. I’ve got everything set up the only thing i needed was a graphics card and a case to accomodate it 😀

But then a couple of days ago I sold my 13 Inch macbook to a friend and i’m only left with a 9inch Acer i used to use when i’m on the move or travelling abroad. So I decided here and there that i needed a laptop.

fortunately for me the M14x was just announced and managed to order one online.. The only bad news is it takes a month to get built and sent to you 🙁 .

Here’s a CNET review on the device:


One interesting feature on the M14x is the wireless HD broadcasting ability to a Unit which you connect to the back of your HD capable TV. I’m not sure i’m going to use this a lot but it sure might get in handy, the wireless HD kit ships separatley and should arrive anytime next week. Its the laptop I can’t wait to get in my hands, oh well its only around 35 days away :s


For more information, make sure you take a look at their product page here.


BTW: The meaning of


[uh-nahy-uh-leyt]  Show IPA

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1. to reduce to utter ruin or nonexistence; destroy utterly: Theheavy bombing almost annihilated the city.
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  1. Awal shay Mabrook!

    Ok not to shoot down Alienware but I was a huge fan of Alienware from back in the day! I bought my first Alienware tower in 1999 and it stayed with me until 2004, it really lasted and I kept upgrading bits and pieces but it lasted a good 2.5 years before needing to be touched.

    I ordered an Alienware laptop in 2006 because I loved what they were doing! I thought they would destroy Apple! The perfect product! But it seems I was wrong! When I got the laptop the Battery wouldn’t charge after 6 months, and I tried warrantying it but it was a horrible process with them! I remember when they used to be great with warranty details but not anymore, it was a horrible experience. The hardware started hanging and one month after use the hard drive died and they said that I had to ship my hard drive in before they send one or I send the whole laptop.

    Honestly it was a horrible experience and I thought that Alienware lost what made it great back in the day! Now I just build my machines or I go to independent gaming companies to buy desktops.

    I really do hope that it turns out differently in your case and the review is true! I think the specs on the M14x looks amazing! So let us know how it goes!

    1. Post

      Allah ebarek feek thanx 😀

      I was going for macs, but i’ve been into win7 lately and i liked it, enough for me to switch back to windows. I need a laptop, 300 KD and i upgrade my home pc to a good enough gaming PC.

      My primary uses would be video and photo editing, and secondary uses would be gaming. I read a couple of reviews dell had their ups and downs, and it was difficult to verify the payment when i was ordering and a complete hassle, bes inshallah, at the end of the month i’ll tell you what happens. The thing that really sucks is the waiting period and we’ll be the guinea pigs since the device isn’t out there in large numbers yet. 25 days and counting i guess. hehe..

      Thanks for passing by!

      1. Not a problem!

        I really hope that this machine turns out to be a beast and it lasts for you! It does look like an impressive machine and I’m crossing my fingers!

        1. Post

          Thanks man.. I’ll make sure i’ll invite u to a cup of coffee and let u test run the new laptop when it arrives!

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