An App that controls who can call you without you knowing ?

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Some apps get control over who can call you and who can even send you sms messages, and I was actually both very shocked and intrigued that they didnt let me choose when I first installed the application.

It all started with the notification that appears on the main page which states that there are 182 verified spam numbers. The problem is those numbers can include restaurants trying to reach you to deliver your order, they can include your bank or even your child’s school. I would rather choose the numbers than having them blocking the callers automatically.



In order to check the settings, simply swipe left and choose settings.




In settings choose blocking and disable the radio buttons on the right, to ensure you choose who to block and not TrueCaller


I hope you find this information useful. I’ve verified this on the Android system, i’m not sure if the behavior is same on iPhone or not.

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