Amazon Cloud Drive – What All the rest of cloud Storage services should have been like!

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I just fell across Amazon Cloud a couple of days ago, I wish I would have had it sooner. It basically gives you unlimited photo uploads if you have Amazon Prime, and the best thing about it is that you don’t have to sync the photos to all your devices! For me, I can just upload all my files online now after a shoot and not worry about loosing that file or having to get extra storage or buying extra hard drives! Just sync everything up to my Amazon Account and be able to access it on all my devices!

Amazon Cloud Offer

This has come extremely helpful when I want to publish a random photo from my album, I can search through my folders and find a suitable one on my phone and directly post it! until now I have about 5 GBs of photos uploaded.

As you can see from the photo above my prime membership made me eligible for the unlimited photo plan which i will make very good use of.

This is what the album view looks like, all the different photographs from my posts are now a click away.

The only downside i see right now are the sharing options, its basically a personal drive and theres no option to share via a link or to upload your photos to your website through the link from your  cloud storage like the already existing dropbox or Google Drive. You can even choose to upload all the photos you take on your phone to the cloud with a simple tick box and have all your photos everywhere all the time!

To get Amazon cloud Drive on your devices, simply visit Amazon Cloud Drive




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      I do agree with you, but all depends on your usage, for me I store archives of my albums which were taking up space on my Macbook Air, It also means I always have my footage accessible where ever I go! Binfer also requires two parties to be involved which might be difficult in some cases..

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