A 1/2 Dead Samsung Galaxy S4, Even worst Warranty!

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I had the unfortunate luck of a Samsung S4’s Screen gone bad syndrome. Apparently everything works but the screen i can unlock the phone, connect to it via USB, receive calls (without knowing who’s calling) however, I tried everything and the screen won’t start up!

So I decided to go to the Warranty provider’s workshop. Apparently they’re super cool (for employees) working ours meant that there was no chance on earth you could visit them on a weekend as they work from 10 – 5! (Very inconvenient for consumers in my opinion)

The first thing that irritated me is that I went in, greeted them stood for like 7 minutes and the guys at the counter didn’t even look at me or ask me to have a seat, as there was another guy that came before me that was actually sitting down and waiting for his turn. Very very very unprofessional of them (in my opinion).

The thing that really got me upset was the fact that the technical guy there tried to figure out if I dropped it or not and was trying to convince me that there is a gap between the screen and the actual chassis of the phone, and that might be the problem!! I argued with them on whether the phone might have come like this from the first place, as I’ve had it in a protective cover ever since day one and it’s only been 14 days! What I saw was more than 3 people complaining about the S4’s screen from this individual company, my wife has one which I bought her from Zain, she dropped it quite a couple of times, but it still works and there aren’t any issues with the screen. 

20130617081403100_0001I still didn’t get their feedback regarding their investigation on the cause of the screen’s blackout, but trying to find gaps that aren’t there between the screen and the chassis that occurred because of a drop that never happened really got me thinking. 

I think this is the last time, i’ll probably buy something that didn’t come from a more trusted vendor, and I’d recommend you do the same too! 

Also note, that if you ever bought a phone from a shop or dealer or wherever, that the invoice clearly states the type of warranty. I asked the seller to clearly write on the invoice that the device’s hardware and software are both covered under warranty! The employee at the desk told me if your invoice didn’t clearly state it we wouldn’t have accepted to take it. So make sure your invoice clearly states Hardware and software Warranty and the name of the workshop. 

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