7ajidude @ The Scientific Center Part 2

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In this second part we’ll walk around the updated Discovery Place the adevnture zone, a great place for younger kids to learn about the human body and interaction with computers equipped with sensors. Nearly all of the games require movement, so its good for health as well!



We start off with the pulse adventure machine which simulates the movement of blood vessels around the body, they move when you move and stop when you stop by measuring your heart beats.

Then we move on to the “circus game” where you have to catch falling fruits from the monkeys above hehe. Involves a lot of movement and can take 2 players.

Then theres the line, where you have to walk from one side to another with the view from the carpet below as if you’re moving from one skyscraper to another.

This section is what i liked the most. It illustrated electricity, magnetism and motors in a fun way:

The first example is the flying ring, which illustrates the properties of magnets.


The second example is an electricity Tree, which also has a couple of examples.

Are you a good goalie?

This camera will follow your movement in trying to stop these penalty shots.

The next was quite intersting, where you use air guns to move the balls in the court.

A game of precision throwing, where you try to throw bean balls within specific goals.

That’s the end of our tour for Today. The scientific center is a great area to take your kids, especially to have them do something different in the weekend, they will definately learn something new.

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  1. In Discovery Place, the story is different. Its the only “true” interactive attraction in The Scientific Center. Our aim is to provide the visitors with a unique learning experience through direct interaction. In 2009, we followed a new international trend, which is known as the “Traveling Exhibits” where the Science Center rents out a themed exhibit for a period of 6 months, and when done it’ll be shipped to another Science Center in another country, and receive a new themed exhibit; and so on. This of course have increased our expense drastically, as each exhibit costs around KD100,000 that we never make back. We approach different companies to help with with sponsoring the exhibits to cover a tiny fraction of the cost but we always get hit with rejection. Another problem we face is the lack of interest from parents to help educate their children. They see Discovery Place as a place where they can just drop off their kids with the maids and go hang out at Starbucks thinking that its a place where the children will play. We want the parents to go with their children and interact with them and help the children learn. Encourage them to learn. But unfortunately its wishful thinking.

    Sorry for ranting off this way but its a very frustrating matter to us at TSCK.

    Anyways, the current exhibition “Move and Play” will be around until the end of Eid Al-Fitr holiday. DP will then be closed for 2 weeks to remove those exhibits and install the new ones called “Long May You Live”, which is themed around healthy eating habits that will increase your life expectancy.

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